Published Work

This was a home, lovingly designed ( from the ground up starting with conceptual drawings of the plans both exterior and interior) for a lot in a historic Indianapolis district. Its exterior detailing and interior design speak to the clients love of craftsman homes, and their desire to live in the 21st century. I was delighted to work with them on the details, and to surprise them with inventive ways to manipulate the style for a modern functional home.  We filled the spaces with a lifelong collection of furniture and objects, pottery and metalwork and art. Sometimes you build a house and look for things to furnish it, sometimes you build a house to showcase things you already own and love.  And the gardens are among the most lush in the area, planted to accent the style of the home. The photograph features one of my favorite effects, using a structural post as a decorative device. Wrapped in gleaming wood panels it supports a pair of blown glass wall sconces that cast an amber glow on the dining table. There are two posts, treated similarly, that frame the entrance to the dining space.