Accessory Detail

Accessory Detail

It’s important to have a focal point in a room, one main feature that dominates your eye and draws your attention. That might be a fireplace in a living room, an intricate headboard in a bedroom or an island in a kitchen. A focal point is something that gives the room meaning and purpose and gives the eye a landing place. But equally important are the smaller details and accent pieces. These accessories serve to tie the room together, but also can offer real insight into what matters to you, the homeowner.

On a purely aesthetic level, accessories are fantastic ways to incorporate color into a room. If you choose a mostly neutral color for your flooring and large furniture items like sofas, the room can come off as clean and classic, but also a little bland. If you want a room that’s interesting without being overdone, the flash of a jewel-toned pillow or a metallic box can add interest and complexity to an otherwise static room. They’re also a way to incorporate texture and pattern into a room, as we did with these aged black and gold urns. The details are small enough to be interesting, but not enough to overwhelm.

But perhaps more importantly, accessories are a place for homeowners to show off the objects that are important to them. Maybe it’s a beautiful silk fan you brought back from a trip to Japan, or the vase your mother gave you when you got married. Accessories can carry powerful memories and can be a way to  put your own stamp on a room.

For this traditional detailed fireplace mantle finished with cherry panels, we selected antique gilded and painted urns, accented with crystal globes and an obelisk. This group of objects dazzles and sparkles, while remaining understated and sophisticated. Nothing screams ” look at me”, but rather these objects invite the eye to study the forms, and painted details, and reflections.

Need help finding the right accessories for your space? Call Misch Bobrick, an Indianapolis interior design firm, and let us help you find a way to fit your favorite accessories into a beautiful, cohesive space.