Dine and Live Well

Why did King Arthur and his legendary knights choose to sit at a round table instead of a more traditional rectangular table? Think back to your own childhood family dinners at a rectangular table. Chances are your father sat at the head of the table, literally and figuratively leading the family and dominating the conversation. Even unconsciously, we yield power to the person sitting at the head of the table. However, when you choose a round table, that hierarchy breaks down. Everyone is seated closer together, and because there’s no head or foot of the table, traditional roles break down and everyone can simply enjoy everyone’s company. Conversation is easier, and everyone is more likely to be included rather than having multiple break-off discussions. Round tables encourage togetherness, and can be perfect for a casual supper or a family game night.

In this design challenge, the eating area is part of a larger space. A round table creates a space of its own without being as harsh or abrupt as the sharp corners of a rectangular table. It allows the room to flow around the space naturally, carving its own area but still integrating into the whole. Because we chose a table with a high sheen to it, we chose softer, plush chairs to balance that hardness, creating a sort of yin and yang effect that keeps everything interesting.

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