Natural Light, Natural Conversation

There was a time when interior design trends ran toward heavy curtains and thick draperies. People were willing to sacrifice warm, natural light for a bit of privacy. But natural light instantly makes a room more welcoming and more calming. Not only does it make the room look beautiful, the vitamin D found in sunshine is critical to our overall health and happiness. Just being in a sunny room can lift your spirits. It can also add a dynamic, ever-changing quality to your room as the various angles of light strike the room as the sun moves along the sky. It can go from light and breezy in the light of dawn to mysterious and serene in dusky twilight. Natural light and also help you reduce your electricity bills or keep your home warmer in the winter.

For this particular client, the windows backed up to a thickly wooded area, so we were able to forego window coverings without sacrificing the family’s privacy. Not only were we able to bring in the light, we also opened up a beautiful view to the garden outside, like a living, moving work of art. However, many homes have to deal with neighbors or busy roads near their houses, and going completely without window coverings might not be an option, no matter the benefits of natural light.

How can you balance the benefits of natural light with your need for privacy? Consider using window coverings that are easy to open and close, like Venetian blinds or Roman shades. Some windows can even be made with Roman shades between the panes of glass so the shades virtually disappear when not in use. The simple flick of a switch in the evening can bring you the privacy you and your family need.