Art Glass Display

We recently put the finishing touches on a cabinet wall for displaying our client’s growing collection of art glass. Lacquered wood is set on a stone base, recessed niches lined with mirror amplify the depth and showcase the hand blown art glass treasures. Frosted glass shelves float without apparent support, between LED lighting fixtures. The monumental sculpture on the left sits on a travertine marble slab. Art deserves to be displayed to its best advantage, lit correctly and given room to shine. This cabinet wall provides display space and storage space, and is itself a piece of art.

Many of our clients have art that they love and want to display, and frankly there are only so many table tops in a room that one can clutter with objects, and only so many feet of wall to hang paintings. Often we must come up with new and creative ways for our clients to enjoy their collections without making a home into a museum setting.