Spa Room with Flotation Tank

A spa room with a flotation tank, located at Integrated Health Solutions, the leading chiropractic / acupuncture / cryotherapy / wellness spa in the Midwest.
We have worked with Dr. Harb to create a relaxing and luxurious setting for his staff and clients to experience the finest care with the most advanced equipment available.
This meditative space is our latest at the north side location.

If you remember the 1970’s, or that episode of “Absolutely Fabulous”, one enters, stretches out, and the salt water lets you float effortlessly, as if you were at the Dead Sea. But here you can have soft music perhaps, or pale lighting, or complete isolation if you prefer. It is for meditation and relaxation, and it is very good for the joints. Professional athletes swear by them, their benefits are substantial. Good for the body and for the soul.

Our commercial projects are as varied and as exciting for us as our residential projects.