MischBobrickDesignLLC was honored to be one of only six design firms  invited by Methodist Hospital. We created  a room to  showcase antiques and contemporary furnishings and  art from local artists. This year we were paired with the brilliant local artist  Quincy Owens. . The show, at the Midland Art and Antique Market, attracts thousands of art and antique lovers and buyers over several days of events, and raises money for the Methodist Hospital Task Core. This photo shows a corner of our room with six  of Mr. Owens’ custom shaped acrylic panels in vibrant colors, and one rectangular panel to coordinate. They are hung on a  bronze metallic glazed wall, complimenting  an eclectic group of furniture. A brass Parsons style dining  table from the 1970’s is surrounded by mid century Eames fiberglass shell chairs in glowing orange and gold. An Ikat carpet  repeats these colors and adds a bold and striking pattern on the dark stained walnut flooring. On the table sit German porcelain pieces hand worked with classical Greek  motifs. A pair of dramatic bronze candlesticks echo the form of the lamp in the background. The deep, rich,  moody, metallics make a perfect background for the intense saturated  colors.  Our firm is often sought after to participate in designer show-homes, showcases, and charity events. These events require some drama and theatrical flair. Design for a show house or a charity fundraiser  is quite different than our custom residential and commercial design services. Here we are putting on a show, it needs to be memorable, it needs to be bigger than life, brighter and more vivid.  We are always excited to help with fundraising for worthy organizations, and often work nights and weekends to do our part to make a better world…one room at a time.