Connecting Spaces in an Open Plan

Designing a home to have an ‘open floor-plan’ is always a challenge. While  working on the construction drawings for this project, we thoughtfully considered how each  material choice would impact the finished space.  The solution to connecting these spaces rather than chopping them up was to install a dramatically patterned floor  in the entry hall, dining room, kitchen, living room, family room,  pantry, halls, and powder room.

Flooring has a major impact to the overall design of this home and creates an expansive feel.  The material and pattern  connect each space and the eye follows  to the next.   While a flooring choice  could overwhelm any design, this one  makes a grand background for the furnishings and carpets in the living spaces, and the stone and lacquer and steel in the kitchen. This is a  custom stain color on Canadian Maple laid in a herringbone pattern.