Colorful Focal Point

Colorful Focal Point

Some occasions present the opportunity to create an entirely new environment, architecture, backgrounds, furnishings, accessories and artwork. On other projects there are  existing art collections, family heirlooms, collections from travels, and books. The question is how to incorporate the old with the new. How to make a home feel fresh and current without starting from scratch.

With this project encompassing a whole new house of 6,000 square feet, we were able to select a group of our clients cherished things that we purchased for their previous home, and put them to work in the new residence. With the addition of  furnishings found especially for this new home, their modern artwork shines.

A design pro can see things without constraint. Even moving things around in an existing room can change the whole feel. A new location brings a new outlook.

Here, a James Wille Faust painting in vivid red hangs above an elegant antique  demilune cabinet. The white bust is  contemporary. We delight in creating compositions that invite the eye to linger. Study the color repetitions, from artwork to furniture to flowers, the blue of the tassel and the art, the white dot in the painting and the white sculpture, the yellow wood of the furniture and the golden hue of the painting. Small black accents.

The softly colored stacked stone wall and pale warm wood floor are the perfect backdrop. Simple and divine.