Commercial Design

Please visit the portfolio section of our site to enjoy views and projects that are different from the ones featured here in the commercial section. Interior design for commercial spaces is about so much more than simply how a space looks. Appearances matter, of course, but equally important is how a space works. How do customers flow through a hotel lobby? How can an office be arranged for the greatest productivity? Truly great commercial interior design brings together form and function in a way that makes you, your staff and your customers feel comfortable, relaxed and happy.

Misch Bobrick works with offices, restaurants and hotels in Indianapolis and throughout the country to create spaces that reflect your company culture and help you get work done. We can help you with historic preservation or start from scratch on a brand-new site. Save the environment and help your bottom line with a green design certification. Or tell us your vision and let us do the work of creating a commercial space that matches your dreams.

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Misch Bobrick Design will help you improve your commercial space: